Endean’s Sawmill, Waimiha

2 Nov


It’s been a long time since I posted anything here.

Had the opportunity to take a few shots at this abandoned sawmill in Waimiha, New Zealand.


Chiang Mai Zoo

1 May

Chiang Mai, 2008

Musician, Chiang Mai

22 Apr

Chiang Mai, 2008

At the Weekend Night Market, held every Saturday in the old city section from Pratu Thapae all the way to Wat Phra Singh

Parit Jawa

21 Apr

Parit Jawa, 2009

The fisherman’s village lies in the district of Muar on the northern part of the southern state of Johor.

The wooden pier is now been replaced by a concrete the last time I visited the fishing village back in 2011.

Ubosot, Wat Phra Singh

17 Apr

Ubosot, Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai, 2008

built in 1806, it contains two entrances: a south entrance for monks and a north entrance for nuns. It is as such a song sangha ubosot (‘song’ meaning ‘two’ in Thai). The building houses a mondop with the Phrachaotongtip Buddha statue, a smaller version of the Phra Buddha Sihing and it is therefore also known as Phrasingha noi (‘noi’ meaning ‘small’ in Thai). The northern end of the wihan, near the entrance for the nuns, contains a copy of the Emerald Buddha.


16 Apr

Maowa, Bangladesh 2011

Nilam Puri

15 Apr

KTM Workshop, Port Klang 2009